Project Startup

When an organisation has a critical project it is usually because it is business critical that the project meets all the goals and objectives set such as time to go live, requirements meet, incidents and problems found before go live date (defects), early identification of high impact risks and unsolved issues etc. One of the most important steps to achieve a successful Project is to start it right. Get the estimates right, put in the appropriate level of tracking and controlling the project for the purpose of early warning and status on the progress being made.

IPbyGreen can help your Project and the project manager setting the project up, create estimates, ensure quantitative measures on goals and objectives as well as guiding your Project manager in the critical period of the startup of the project.

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma can focus on so many different things – always with the goal of removing waste and improve revenue, quality and processes.

One focus could be financial variance – especially on margin, cost or on price for services.

An IPbyGreen Financial Variance LSS project is a predefined package that can be tailored to the goals and focus on any type of company. Contact IPbyGreen for more information.

Training, Mentoring or Inspiration

Do your leadership needs inspiration on how to set a strategy or goals that can be measured from your current business processes?

Do you need to give your Project Managers an upgrade and new inspiration on good Project Management approaches?

Do you want to start down the Agile road, but have no clue how size in Story Points?

Do you want to know more about Function Point – or get your FPA’s upgraded to a more advanced level?

Contact IPbyGreen and let us tailor a training session, presentation to exactly your needs.

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