Function Point Analysis

Function Point Analysis (IFPUG FPA) – workshop

The IFPUG Function Point Analysis (FPA) workshop, is four modules that will train attendees in the skills of Function Point Analysis as defined in IFPUG Counting Practices Manual version (CPM) 4.3.

In addition to this basic workshop IPbyGreen offers Advanced FPA modules. This training is for resources who has already completed the workshop or simular training and want to enhance the knowledge on FPA.


The following services will be delivered as part of the workshop

1.1.  material

  • The material used in the workshop follows IFPUG Counting Practices Manual – Version 4.3 (IFPUG CPM 4.3). In addition to theoretical modules, there will be a relevant number of case studies and Question and answer tests to practice the theoretical approach.
  • All material will be in English.
  • The material will be available for the attendees in a non-editable pdf format for print out. The material can only be used by the class attendance.
  • All attendees need to bring their own printed version of the IFPUG CPM 4.3. The IFPUG CPM to be used is the English version. Support can be given related to the most optimal purchase of the IFPUG CPM from a cost perspective.

1.2.  Execution of modules in Function Point Analysis using IFPUG CPM 4.3.

  • The modules will be executed in English and will use the English terms used in FPA from the CPM.
  • The workshop is a total of 12,5 hours (without breaks) and will be delivered virtually using a IP conference call tool that enables sharing and interaction using only computer.
  • The workshop can as an alternative be delivered as a lecture Face2face class with an additional fee.
    • There will be a maximum of 10 attendees allowed in the module session
    • The module can be delivered over two days or as an alternative over four half days.
    • The agenda for the workshop can be as followed for a two-day session.
    • For a four half day session a module will be covered per half day
    • The first module can be opened up for an addition of 10 attendees (to 20 attendees) and will be of relevance for resources such as project managers, business analysist that needs awareness of Function Point but will not perform sizing in Function Points.
    • It is possible to tailor the two case studies in the module material to use in-house examples.