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A Danish consultancy company is dedicated to more innovative, cost-efficient, and successful software services from a purchasing and delivery perspective.

Software projects are critical to business…but only 35% are considered successful. IPbyGreen has proved to be part of a change to more successful software delivery. We work passionately and systematically for more successful software delivery, whether we are part of contract negotiation, setting up a new project, acting as a program manager, or sharing the lessons learned in presentations, training, and mentoring customized to your company.

What we do

Do you need help with a new software project?

IPbyGreen can support with planning, requirement gathering, use of estimates and appropriate level of tracking and controlling the project for the purpose of early warning and status on the progress being made. 

Christine Green has supported more than 100 projects during the initiation process and in most of the cases handed the project over to local PM for execution of the project. During the execution Christine Green can support the project with retrospective advice to ensure successful delivery of the software.

How we do it

With grace and precission

One of the essential steps to achieve a successful software project is to utilize the right processes at the right time and ensure all stakeholders are engaged in the journey. Christine Greens’ years of experience with a wide range of projects, tools, and methods prove to be very efficient in fulfilling the aim for more successful software delivery. With the combination of Agile, Traditional, and Lean processes, the objective is to choose the right tools and methods. The other equally important step is unit-based contracts and estimation, using size measures and forecast/estimates to plan large IT Projects.


Success stories

Successful delivery

Examples of Projects or Contracts that has been successfully delivered with support from IPbyGreen.

About us

Let's get to know each other

IPbyGreen was founded in 2017 by Christine Green. The extensive and versatile experience gained in Christine’s long career in the software industry more specific in the fields of; Software Program Management, Forecast Analysis and Contractual Price Models is the backbone of the company. Christine is often chosen as a key resource to turn around a challenged software delivery to successful delivery. In addition to the leadership of projects – Christine Green acts as advisor, mentor, and educator for stakeholders at all levels, especially in estimation and usage of benchmarks in the IT industry.

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