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A selection of Christine Green's Presentations

Type When Where Event Subject Youtube Link
Speaker - Keynote 20220329 Virtual, Malasia SOFTEC Asia arrranged by MSBT Introduce IFPUG - The Benefits of using IFPUG Sizing Standards
Webinar 20211214 Virtual, USA The Great IT Professional: Early Estimates based on Incomplete/Uncomplete Requirements View on Youtube
Instruction 20210920 Virtual Delivered to several organizations Introduction to Function Point
Webinar 20210319 Virtual, Australia ISBSG Successful Software Delivery with Estimation as a profession View on Youtube
Webinar 20210204 Virtual, Germany Brightest Estimating Test and Rework Effort in Software Projects View on Youtube
Webinar 20210114 Virtual, USA The Great IT Professional (CAI) Critical Software Projects with Success –a deep dive to the right Methods View on Youtube
Webinar 20201203 Copenhagen, Denmark 7N The Fundamentals of Function Points for IT Budgeting View on Youtube
Speaker 20141022 Tokyo, Japan IT Confidence Sizing for Estimating, Measurement and Benchmarking

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International Function Points Users Group (IFPUG)

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