About us

Resultes through exprience

IPbyGreen was founded in 2017 by Christine Green. The extensive and versatile experience gained in Christine’s long career in the software industry more specifically in the fields of; Software Program Management, Forecast Analysis, and Contractual Price Models is the company’s backbone. Christine is often chosen as a critical resource to turn around a challenged software delivery to a successful delivery. In addition to the leadership of projects – Christine Green acts as an advisor, mentor, and educator for stakeholders at all levels, especially in the estimation and usage of benchmarks in the IT industry.

IPbyGreen has delivered services to Large-scale IT Contracts such as Healthcare in Denmark, Sweden, England, and Ireland and advisory for software contracts such as a consortium supporting the contract negotiation and processes under the EU using the unit-based price model as the contractual agreement.

Christine Green has successfully, and time efficiently completed turnarounds for programs/projects for delivery and contractual closure – using her broad spectrum of processes and experience.

The founder

Christine Green

With more than 25 years in the software industry, Christine Green has evolved into a passionate advocate for innovative, cost-efficient, and successful software services. Her philosophy, ‘Get it right from the start,’ emphasizes meticulous attention to process, performance, and productivity- bringing value to the software’s users.

Christine is dedicated to supporting customers, associates, and companies in achieving successful software delivery. A key component of her approach involves learning and sharing lessons learned. This dedication is exemplified through her volunteer work with international organizations such as IFPUG, PMI, ISBSG, and United Testing, including board positions in IFPUG and ISBSG.

Her substantial background includes roles at leading software providers such as EDS, HP Enterprise, and GE Healthcare.

Christine is usually contracted as a Program or Project Manager (PPM) or as a Software Contract or Tender advisor. 

Regardless of the assignment, Christine will always bring her “Mary Poppins” bag of “Tools,” LEGO, and Software Processes and sprinkle her perspective on Process Improvement, while Proudly showing off her Black Belt. Her passion for Estimation, Measurement, and Benchmarking will always be there and impact what she does.

If you ‘don’t find Christine deeply focused on her work or volunteering, you probably find her clearing her mind while she roams nature with her beloved German shepherd or Icelandic horse, enjoying being with her family and friends or taking a dip in the sea regardless of the seasons.


Christine Green has chosen to use 7N, an international agency for any consultancy business.

7N has Danish, US, and European procurement agreements – such as the Danish SKI agreement. In addition, they have already been registered and approved as a supplier to many international companies, so the practical work to hire Christine for a shorter period is minimal. 

For international assignments, contact Helle Førgaard at  +45 2999 3235 or hefo@7N.com

For Danish assignments, contact Lykke Burmølle Andersen at +45 6116 6770 or lyan@7N.com

More about 7N at www.7N.com


The Supervisor

Kamma Tulinius

Holding a combined master’s in Mathematics and Geography Kamma Tulinius is well trained in building up systems, keeping an administration on track. Kamma has worked at Danish Universities with both Students and faculty leadership for many years. Kamma has on daily basis sparred with experts about how to disseminate difficult and complex subjects. She has supervised students on learning and understanding to a level of independent and creative application of knowledge in essays and recherche. In addition, Kamma has worked with exchange students and quality assurance of education.

These years of experience with the challenges of teaching, learning, and understanding have resulted in expertise in editing texts and figures, so they stand out as comprehensible teaching material.

In 2020 Kamma decided to offer her skills as freelance consultant. Since then, she has supporting IPbyGreen as a supervisor as well as creating IPbyGreen material

Outside of office hours Kamma is likely to be found in the kitchen enjoying the magic of cooking. She loves to experiment with new cooking-techniques and spices and share her knowledge and craftmanship with friends and not least the family’s youngest. If not in the kitchen Kamma is probably at sea exercising in a kayak. Is it springtime she will be occupied with instructing beginners in the fine art of keeping the balance in a Kayak. When sitting down outside office hours Kamma is occupied with knitting and writing songs, using a coordinated mix of techniques, systematics, and creativity.


Ole Abild

With a passion for details and assisting IT – companies with accountancy, Ole Abild is just the right man to keep track of the accounts in IPbyGreen.

For Ole keeping track of accountancy goes hand in hand with producing wine in his winery and preparing tasteful and slow-cooked meals in his kitchen. It is all about patience and getting it right