IPbyGreen can successfully:

Inspire and Facilitate leadership and teams to set strategy and goals for their future software focus using Lego Serious Play and other relevant methods such as Goal, Question, Metrics

Lead as project manager or upgrade and inspire your own project managers using alternative approaches to requirement gathering, iterative planning and execution using Agile hybrid and Lean processes

Train teams and leaders in product backlog priority and estimation using requirement gathering techniques and estimation approaches – including Function Points and Agile estimates.

Advice and supervise in the application of function point and parametric estimates as well as unit-based price modelling. This can include education in Function Point and estimating techniques.

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Do you need help for a new software project?

Get it right from the start and establish a sound project team IPbyGreen use estimates, appropriate level of tracking and controlling the project for the purpose of early warning and status on the progress being made. In that way we, support your project manager with the best possible starting point. We assist your project manager to setup the project, create estimates, ensure quantitative measures on goals and objectives. After setting up the project we guide your project manager in the critical period of the startup and initiation of the project. The Methods used are a combination of Agile, Waterfall and Test processes. Awareness of choosing the right approach, at the right time, with the right level of control is key to our success.

Do you need help for a challenged software project already in process?

IPbyGreen have successfully turned around projects and programs in a critical and challenged stage. We create a go2green plan with focus on what can be improved, what needs to be changed, what is realistic to deliver within the given time frame and available staffing. IPbyGreen suggest realistic and appropriate changes concerning; setting the team, communication, collaboration, tracking, controlling, go-live date, etc. Methods and processes used during this includes facilitated workshop, conscious decision making, Lego Serious Play as well as the software related processes for estimation, requirement analysis and project processes.

Do you want to learn how to master the art of managing successful software projects?

IPbyGreen offers tailored training sessions and presentations to exactly your needs for estimation and metrics. With years of qualification and experience in presenting and performing at international conferences, we have an excellent base to create a presentation or training session for exactly your needs.