Brush up your skills

I am proud to launch my training program that enables a flexible and innovative approach to teaching and mentoring in software processes such as Hybrid Project management, Estimation, and IFPUG-related Sizing Standards and associated topics.

My training program and mentoring are built into modules, where some of the modules taken together will constitute workshops, and others are single advanced modules for specialists. Each module will be a 3-hour session.

I will share all I know from a theoretical perspective and my +25 years of experience. You will always receive a copy of the module’s presentation material and templates used in the presentation. In addition, all participants who purchase more than four modules will be offered a 30-minute individual mentoring within the first month of completing the fourth module.

The pricing model is based on modules. A Module that is part of a workshop costs 200 Euro per participant and will have a maximum of 10 participants.
Individual advanced modules cost between 250-300 Euros per participant and will only have a maximum of 6 participants.

Workshop and individual modules will be delivered virtually. A workshop/module will be scheduled when 4 participants have signed up.

Follow IPbyGreen on LinkedIn for information about scheduled workshops.

Are you a student or in an extraordinary situation in your life – contact me to be signed up for available seats at a discounted price.

If your company wants more than one participant, a specially tailored workshop or module, or an in-house f2f delivery, please get in touch with me to plan and agree on the time and discounted price.

Contact info@ipbygreen, WhatsApp or phone +4581721122 or message Christine Green via LinkedIn (ChristineGreenDK) to sign up for a workshop or module.

Workshops (2,3 or 4 modules):


Short Description

Number of Modules/Hours

Total Price

Hybrid Project Management

How to manage a project
with as many agile aspects as possible.

Especially relevant for large-scale
critical projects with contractual requirements. The theory, the execution,
and the approach.

The best from both the
traditional and agile approaches.

3 modules/

9 hours

600 Euro

Estimation as an Art

Estimation techniques focus on
getting successful planning and estimation of a software project. This module
will include bottom-up, top-down, analogy, and parametric estimation

2 modules/

6 hours

400 Euro

Measurement for benchmarking

Measure your process for
future benchmarking and input to an industry benchmark. Usage of Industry

2 modules /

6 hours

400 Euro

IFPUG Function Point Analysis (FPA)

Workshop compliant with IFPUG FPA workshop
for learning all about Function Point Analysis. For people new to Function

At the end of this workshop, 30
minutes of individual mentoring and support on your first Function Point
Analysis is part of the offer.

4 modules/

12 hours

800 Euro

IFPUG Simple Function Point

Workshop to learn all
about Simple Function Point. For people new to Function Points.

See individual module if
you are CFPS or CFPP

2 modules /

6 hours


400 Euro


Workshop to learn all about
Non-functional Sizing. For people already familiar with Function Points.


3 modules/

9 hours

600 Euro

Advanced Modules (3 hours):


Short Description

Module price

Simple Function Points for CFPS/CFPP

Learn Simple Function
Points if you are already doing IFPUG FPA. Pre-requested a CFPS or CFPP

250 Euro

FPA Validation for experienced CFPS/CFPP

Validation of data functions and
transactions from a Function Point Analysis. 
The process, the techniques, and the practice. With examples and
cases. During this module, a validation spreadsheet will be shared. This
module includes a 20-minute mentoring of individual validation of one of your

300  Euro

FPA – Setting the boundaries

A workshop focusing on
setting purpose, scope, user view, and boundaries before a Function Point

This module includes a
20-minute individual validation of your boundary setting.

300 Euro

Sizing a portfolio of Applications

What to do when you need to size
an entire portfolio of applications. Assess the applications, sample size,
approximation of application size, and how to verify the size going forward.

250 Euro

Usage of FPA and/or SNAP in Contracts –– For Clients

How to start the usage
of FPA or SNAP in a contractual agreement. Input to Request for Proposals,
what are the risks and pitfalls to avoid, use of resources.


300 Euro

Usage of FPA and/or SNAP in contracts – For delivery

How to respond to a Request for
proposal where FPA or SNAP is required. What are the risks and pitfalls to
avoid and usage of resources?

300 Euro

Sizing the scope changes during a project – for CFPS/CFPP

How to size and measure the scope changes during a lifecycle. Associated processes that will impact
the sizing.

250 Euro