My Four Pillars

In the ever-evolving software development landscape, the path to successful project delivery is both challenging and rewarding. In this article, I share my personal philosophy and approach towards software project management. Success is not just about meeting deadlines; it’s about delivering real value to end users with high productivity and exceptional quality.

Based on my experiences and reflections, I’ve identified four pillars that are crucial for successful software project delivery:

Planning – The Blueprint of Success

Effective planning is the foundation of any successful project. In my approach, planning goes beyond schedules and resource allocation. It involves a comprehensive shared understanding of the project goals and a strategy to achieve them. I utilize various techniques like diagramming, requirement specifications, IFPUG Sizing Standards, and Parametric Estimation. These tools help me create a detailed and feasible project roadmap.

I also employ LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) in the planning stage. This technique enhances team collaboration and communication, ensuring everyone’s perspectives are considered. It mainly helps align technical teams with the end-users viewpoints.

People – The Core of the Project

The core strength of any project lies in its people, where technical prowess meets exceptional collaboration and communication skills. Emphasizing a deep understanding of the business, user needs, and a unified terminology is essential. Above all, cultivating a true team spirit is paramount, and I employ innovative methods like LEGO® Serious Play® to foster this cohesive and dynamic environment across the boundaries of leadership, technical and business knowledge.

Process – The Rhythm of Work

I believe processes are the rhythms that guide the project towards its goals. A well-structured process is vital for maintaining quality and efficiency. However, it’s not just about adherence to protocols; it’s about understanding, adapting, and improving these processes continuously. My interest in process optimization plays a significant role in this pillar.

Poppins – The Element of Innovation

I liken the final pillar to Mary Poppins’ magical ability to always find the right tool for any situation. In software project management, this translates to adaptability and creative problem-solving. Each project is unique, and the ‘Poppins’ pillar is about having that flexibility and innovative spirit to overcome challenges and find the best solutions.


These four pillars – Planning, People, Process, and Poppins – constitute my framework for managing and delivering successful software projects. They represent a balanced blend of structure, talent, method, and innovation, guiding me towards delivering projects that genuinely make a difference to the end-users.

Thank you for reading this article – Christine Green, IPbyGreen