The Fundamentals of Function Points for IT Budgeting

The Fundamentals of Function Points for IT Budgeting are a presentation that I gave two years ago with 7N as the host. The presentation provides an introduction to how Function Points (FP) are an important factor for successful projects. One of the reasons are that FP can support any organization in the value definition of what software are delivering and how much it cost to deliver regardless of delivery approach.

As a Scrum Master and Agile believer you could ask your self why do I believe in old fashion approaches such as budgeting, estimates, functional sizing etc. To that my answer is that I believe in successful delivery of software. Successful delivery of software sometimes requires us to plan ahead of time regarding resources, scope, cost and therefor we need to be able to predict the future using #betterestimates. I do believe that combining all the good things in #betterestimates with the #agile that is the best approach for future success in the delivery of software that brings value to the business processes in any organization.

You can see the presentation and download the slides by following the link to my website